Wednesday, August 17, 2011

weekend getaway ..far from the maddening crowd ^^

such beautiful roads we just had to stop :)

An angry cow , gets all defensive for no reason ... so territorial lol

Come to me .... i swear i just want to pat you

Taking in the beauty of the place, my frens just couldn't get enough :)

That was a winner, ate that cucumber within seconds

She was selling the best passion fruits i have ever tasted n a long time , slurp!!

Ok it wasn't all play.. we did follow up on our pending office works, mails to reply etc etc just for an hour.

Bored of repeating the same old things weekend after weekend, seeing the same faces, the same pubs and clubs. This time we wanted to make a change so we took off to Wangdi to spend the weekend at my friend's resort Punatashangchu Cottages ( The best in Bhutan i must say in terms of hospitality and location). 

As our car went slowly past the meandering countryside roads lisning to our favorite music and talking about all the people we just left behind in Thimphu lol. Between intervals we stopped at beautiful moss laden roads admiring the mosses hanging from trees and the orchids clinging on them, and for snacks there was no shortage of country folks selling their fresh crops, vegetables, fruits and YESSSsss!! roasted maize it was such JOY just a bite of the maize made us realize that there was joy in small inexpensive things in life. 

In Wangdi we visited one Karoke bar ( No kidding much chic and better equipped than Thimphu Karoke bars). We also visited a local night club called EXCAPE it was in a basement of a five storey building next to the highway. The music in the club was stuck in the 90ies and it smelled of mildew but the best thing about the club were the simple crowd with no airs and ego and the owner he actually greets every customer when the party is over, his favourite line " Thank you SOOO much for coming" , Thimphu Club owners could take tips from this man. 

All in all we had a BLAST!!! Rural getaways I must say is SO in hahaha 

PS : I LOVE Punatsangchu Cottages Resort :) 


  1. Sigh... I miss the green and the moss and the mist and the canopy of trees over the road... Take me back!

    LOVE your pics as always!

  2. ...the highways are always so beautiful.... and thanks for liking my pictures. More to come :)