Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini Warbler meets Blaine Warbler.

Mini Warbler meets his idol Blaine (Darren Criss ) from Glee. The "teenage dreams" Glee version obsessed kid finally meets his role model.

With Darren Criss ^^

With Kurt ( Kurt is in Time magazine 100 most influential peoples list )

I think my son would be like him total POP freak ^^

Strike a pose Superstar

Walking the red carpet , check out that tie lol

With celebrity fans :)

Darren's Tweet

Oh my Kevin breaks out into an impromptu dance for the Gleek ladies !! total heart breaker :)

At the peak of his performance in his home video of "Teenage Dreams" oh man!!

Kevin was a huge fan of Darren Criss aka Blaine in Glee. His outfit was made by his grandmother and the interesting thing is he went along with his grandmother coz he was very particular about his outfit ( m loving him even more ). His mom made a youtube video after she realized how Glee "Teenage Dreams" obsessed the kid was and posted it on Youtube. The rest is history. He is OFFICIALLY the mini Warbler. I am smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt.

Moral of the story "Follow your heart" success and adulation will automatically follow. Most fathers would stop their sons from acting like a Warbler in Glee and shove a football in their hand, but Kevin's parents let their son do his thing and now am sure they cant stop smiling proudly coz he is a STAR truly!!.  Enjoy the videos posted below.

I love the show Glee, makes me forget all my problems. I am almost done with season 2 except for a few last episodes that i have yet to download from my fellow Gleek frens.

The video that made him a household name :)

Exclusive interview with his parents

PS : I wanna adopt you KEVIN ^^ Dear God if you truly exist i want a son EXACTLY like Kevin lol


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  2. waaauuuuu incredible @@