Thursday, March 18, 2010


My beautiful Model Pema's Pic i liked that did not make it to the magazine 


Chimmi da Designer giving her final touches before the shoot =)

Bald is beautiful

Bald is definitely beautiful especially on a girl . Met a fren of a fren in OM bar looking all Bald chic. 10/10 for boldness in a sea of demur long haired clones.  

My photography for Druk TROWA

helped my friend Yangchen the editor of DRUK TROWA an entertainment magazine and fren Chimmi with her designs by taking pics and styling for her magazine Fashion spread the Magazine is out now on stands those of you in Bhutan plz get a copy. ( This is the first ever Bhutanese Fashion spread where from the models, cameraman, designer, magazine are all Bhutanese )

The niece of the Old twins awesome COOL!!


I personally give her 10/10 for being most original , her family lives up in the mountains and they come to the valley market once every month for general supplies and i was really surprised to see that *hairstyle* is it practical ..... mmm maybe it is , like blocking the mountain winds from hittin her eyes n face haha *impressed* with her ofcourse

The oldest twins In Tongsa

Came across the oldest Twins in Tongsa ( my home town) while on a weekend visit for the Tibetan New Year, they always bring a smile to my face ... i like their Anna Wintour inspired hairstyle *but m sure theirs is the  Original *

Mission Next : I need to ask them if they are married to the same guy :P