Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why I closed my personal Facebook profile :)

The negative impacts of Facebook , I would rather close my personal profile now before anything bad happens due to assumptions and presumptions arising amongst suspicious human minds.
  1. I know my frens and family abroad still dont trust me but then I am working hard, I want to enjoy the real world .
  2. When I'm hanging out with my friends i feel so detached coz I am constantly on my phone chatting with frens who are not nearby therefore detaching from the present moment.
  3. I get frustrated when my dad wants more attention and my focus is on Facebook.
  4. I feel like a voyeur most of the time, scanning the News Feed. Am I that bored that I have to see what everyone else is doing?
  5. I receive messages and invites from people from my past who haven't changed at all and are alarmed at how i have changed and moved on with my life. They burn my energy being stuck to the past and want me to be the former face in the crowd me.The only change i see in them is a baby on their lap God bless your marital life (Honestly).
  6. As tired as I get in the evenings, I still have enough energy to check Facebook, but not enough to write a blog post or read all the books I’ve been meaning to catch up on. What is more important?
  7. I’ve resolved to start removing things in my life that are taking time away from my time.
  8. The stupid Youtube video's that i am obligated to watch on facebook, had it been a college lecture i would have got a PhD by now in some scholarly field. 
  9. In the end I have fooled no one but myself in the false belief that people are interested in my life, in reality its a big NO, it just eats you inch by inch till you have nothing more to give. 
  10. Its amazing how the whole town knows what you are doing when you have no clue yourself and facebook only helps in the spread of these gossips arising due to assumptions and mis communications. 
I will still have to be on Facebook for a portion of each day as I manage the page Bhutan Street Fashion popularly known as BSF.  But that is small sacrifice for the overwhelming response and love shown by the page's fans :)
I can hear you asking: “So why can’t you make your personal Facebook profile part of your page?” I could. I tried. But I feel like I’m failing in that regard because of the other temptations that Facebook provides. I don’t need it. I don’t want it any longer.

Last but not the least i should be looking for a new job or making concrete plans about my future rather then obsessing about what pics to put on my facebook album lol. Lemme start with i must invest in a land, save for a vacation, move to a new place .... etc etc so you see my personal profile on facebook is the last in my priority list.

If people genuinely want to be in touch they will somehow, text me i love my message ring tone (^_^). Mark Zuckerberg shouldn't hate me i still have the page. 

Those are the reasons why I’m leaving Facebook for this month.

PS : next on my list SMOKING ..... I must , can n WILL quit it.
PPS : I have toned down my excessive partying ways , pat on my back :P
PPS : I must start writing my children's book story and start on the illustrations ASAP
PPPS : I had forgotten i was a member of the national library n i haven't borrowed a book in ages :(

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Behind the scene -- FUN fun FUN!! (=^_^=)

    They just couldn't stare into each others face without bursting out into a child like glee

    Pema Deki and Dradul burst out into peals of laughter its something about Dradul's smile that makes the ladies get distracted lol

    The Laborers thought we were making a movie poster and were even more excited to take this shot lol

    Model Dradul helping Pema Peki walk downhill :P 

     Our style assistant Dechen Choden :) she has this burning desire to learn reminds me of myself before joining Design School :) see you at the top 

    Photoshoot - i shoot shoot (((Bang)))

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    I shoot SHOOT ---- I love grey

    Photo-shoot with my fren Yeshey and High School going Dradul. The photo-shoot went real fine. The dress worn by model Yeshey and skinny pants worn by model Dradul are for sale available at stall 212 at the Radio High Spring fest, venue Clock Tower , going on presently.