Tuesday, May 11, 2010


                                                               Hold fast to dreams
                                                               For if dreams die
                                                               Life is a broken-winged bird
                                                               That cannot fly.
                                                               Hold fast to dreams
                                                               For when dreams go
                                                               Life is a barren field
                                                               Frozen with snow. 

                                       Langston Hughes 

RIP Kim Daul (1989 - 2009 ) my runway muse


Daul Kim 20-year-old South Korean model "muse" of Karl Largerfeld was found dead in her apartment RIP... was suppose to be the next big thing in da Fashion Biz .. an Asian export. Why did she die .. she was awesome..

Now who am i gonna get my inspiration from :(

Brocade again =)

5 yrs to 50 yrs old .... Brocade seems to RULE ... i like this colour suits the  KID =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Brocade

This old man with his black brocade Gho with spiral golden prints .... and the colourful bag ... man he represents the spirit of Paro Tshechu, never seen an old man with so much style.

After party

fooling around with frens after a weekend party, seen here are my fren Dolksy and Chimmi ** i dunno why but i like the out of focus pic **