Friday, August 12, 2011

If you dont get lost , chances are you will never be found ^^

 " I wish this summer never end " 

Me me me

The view from my Cousins ... have spent  endless summer mornings eating breakfast and looking at this view from the balcony 

The famous "make a wish" myna bird .. if u see them in pairs it lucky :) old school stuffs 

Sitting wishing waiting ..sigh my nephew!! wants to be, can be and will be an ARMY :)

Are you the new member of the family =^_^=

I come from a family of travelers and risk takers. That explains why my extended family are spread all across the globe. They never let their emotion take the best out of them... I am most glad my parents arent the paranoid kinds that we have to be around them 24/7 they let us sail and find our own mark just as they had done so when they were young. My dad is from a far flung place in the Kham region in Tibet and my mom has her ancestral in Kham as well. I still remember my dad telling me " well you have finished school now go look for a college yourself."  Gave me some money told me to travel by train as it was economical, At that time I swear I hated him hahaha. But when I look back its these faith and trust that they have in us that has made me a stronger and risk taking individual. Mundane ( for them at least )  stuffs like celebrating birthdays were a no no in my family my dad woud reason " you have a loving family, clothes on your back, roof above your head, what more could you ask for. Lets all celebrate a common birthday during LOSAR" and a grand family BIRTHDAY it sure was.

 I grew up hearing stories of Uncles who would do trade with Indians and they could barely speak English or Hindi they would point at the things they wanted to trade. They always let us know that nothing in this world is permanent, just as they had lost family members, properties and a life back in Tibet  during the invasion you never know about the uncertainties of life, maybe that's one reason we were raised a bit differently than the other kids I know. As a child education was very important for our parents ( I shed buckets of tears when I was dropped in a boarding school in India lol ) and if there was anything we wanted we had to earn it but if it was something they couldn't afford then we would be greeted with a big NO!! welcome to reality. Being modest and always being loyal were like the key fundamentals of their life principles. 

Thanks to my family extended and otherwise being spread all over I have had an interesting life, summers eating lytcies underneath the shade of the tress in Dheradoon, endless holidays in Rumtek, Sikkim etc etc .. and i know i could be anywhere in the west and there will be someone to take care of me.  

My parents life has taught me that if you are not will to take risks and get away from your comfort zone you will never discover the real you or reach your true potential. " Your work is to discover your world and with all your heart give yourself to it " Buddha, and " if nothing else work come HOME we are there " Daddy Dearest :) 

I love my BIG Adams Family ... you know who you are. I just want them to know that " Not all wanderers are lost " 

pics are from my recent trip to Rumtek Sikkim ... meeting my Khamba Indian Homies ^^