Friday, August 5, 2011

Menswear i like from the runway SPRING 2012 collection

Iceberg ( Spring 2012 menswear) 

I love this collection the best its something i would design and wear at the same time. My favourite gray being the over all color palette ( i wanted to upload the entire collection i HIGHLY recommend you check it out online )

Tobias Sorensen

Patrick Kafka

Joan Pedrola

Jonathan Marquez

Marlon Teixeira

Simon Nessman

Texas Olsson

Tobias Sorensen

Patrick Kafka

Nicolas Ripoll

 John Richmond (Spring 2012 Menswear)  

I love the collection coz it has my favorite Black and greys with a lil flirty colors peeking here and there in prints. Just awesome.
Brian Davenport

Andrea Preti

Jeremy Young

Felix Badman

ETRO ( spring 2012 Menswear ) 

I love the boho chic vibes i get from this collection, like the use of paisley prints and madrasi checks ( not seen here view the whole collection). COOL

Andrés Risso
Jonas Kesseler
Felix Badman

Philip Huang

GUCCI ( Spring 2012 )  

What can i say about this brand , Gucci is pure perfection.
 Tomas Guarracino

Tomas Guarracino

  Jonas Kesseler

Mathias Lauridsen

MISSONI ( Spring 2012 menswear ) 

love the laid back feel of the two piece suits in crinkled jersey fabric ... it looks very comfortable and i am sure it is

Jonathan Marquez

Marcel Castenmiller

Fernando Cabral

Zhao Lei

TRUSSARDI (Spring menswear 2012) 

Not a fan of oversize bags but this collection proved me wrong, you can still be impeccable and carry large accessories , namely bags . NICE ^^

Fernando Cabral

Jaco van den Hoven

Zakaria Khiare

Sangil Kim

I usually need some cool runway music on my i-pod while browsing through the pics this is what was playing when i was making my runway choice. ENJOY 

Mark Farina featuring Sean Hayes - "Dream Machine"


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