Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If wishes were horses I would be riding one of them ^^

I wish I was born out of a tree, obligated to no one, less expectations less sorrow.

I wish i could dance freely in the streets without a care :)

Call me weird but i seriously wish i could fly :P :P

I have never seen a sunset from Bhutan. I wish i could sit and watch a sunset :(

Oh would'nt it be so cool to wear whatever you feel like without giving a F**K about the society ^^

Sometimes I wish i could run and never stop ...

If i was only paid to travel .... man that would be the day.

Wish i could just paint the whole day without any artistic pressure or pretension :)

I would love to read all the books in the world ... just sit and read, read READ!

I miss being me sometimes ... I can barely recognize myself

anyways thats it.. Life goes on ...


  1. Nice sketches Lhari....may all your dreams come true. :)

  2. nice one....the sketches are good..:)

  3. beautiful!!! i wish the same things karma, but the way you've put them is lovely!

  4. wonderful sketches n VRYYY TOUCHING!!

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