Friday, December 16, 2011

I shaman you to dance

While at the sleepy quite little village below Shemgang town last weekend. I was drawn by some songs coming out from the village temple. What I saw there was quite amazing at the ground floor of the temple there were group of men dancing in front of a man in a white gho and a white turban. On further inquiry i realized that he was the village shaman and they were performing the dance for the prosperity and better crop yield of the village or at least that what i understood for a loosely translation by a half drunk village dude. The Shaman , as i would like to call him , was also drunk he even stood up right in the middle of the ritual and posed for the camera and shook my hand . The Shaman's turban kept falling off and the ones not too intoxicated exp the kids had to put it back on his head. The men danced in mesmerizing short steps with hallucinating screams in between. All in all i would say it was an awesome experience like i was in a trance or something , a different world altogether. 

PS : I would like to thank them for the butter tea (suja) and simple lunch offered to me ^^

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