Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me ^^

Be the deciders with fire’cos I’m no longer looking in a reflection that I admire,
I paint a picture of a fire… But there’s no one looking back at me since I’m a liar,

If I should die before I wake.. The least that I could ever say,
I made mistakes but held on to my faith…

‘Cos when I look in a mirror…I don’t even recognize myself,
Got the heart of a winner… but looking back at me is someone else.

No Regrets 
No point in crying over yesterday


Happy Birthday to ME .. looking forward to another year filled with fun, laughter, friendships and RED BULL energy 


  1. Happy Birthday! Wish you lots of luck in whatever you are doing and keep going with your work. You always have some new stuffs to pick on and share with the world.

    Take care and I hope the coming days treat you nice and happy.

    With wishes!!!