Tuesday, December 13, 2011

after the earthquake ...... are we forgetting the victims

I have worked as a project coordinator previously for a UN project it had been months since the project got over, and then there was this earthquake in Oct that shook the nation . I was called once again on  week long Earthquake assessment to Haa and Paro as a photographer and what i saw shook the earth beneath my feet. I wanted to blog the pics then but was caught up in the daily mundane activities and distractions but the sad memory of what happened to  some of people in Haa and Paro in the remotest corner was nagging behind my  head. 

As i stay warm in my room my thoughts keep wandering to the people that we left behind who live in make shift plastic tents, are they warm , is the trauma over for them etc etc .. Whatever it may be I think we as citizens of the country should lend a helping hand to these victims , its still not too late ...

I had taken countless pics for the UN national / international team as part of my duty these are some of the random ones selected just going though them trying to select the pics was in it self an emotional drain. Some of the Lhakangs in the hills are on the verge of collapse , with due respect I havent posted any of those and have been handed over to UNICEF for their archiving , If these lhakangs are not restored immediately it would be a big loss to the nations. The saddest sight i ever witness were of ancient statues broken in pieces and mural on the walls damaged. 

We  met traumatized school children in the remote school who were still scared . A family we met in Haa had a child who still refuses to sleep at night for fear of the earthquake . I could go on and on about the trip but dont know where to start and where to finish ... as an individual all i can do is share the pictures and spread the message across. PLEASE HELP AND CONTRIBUTE what ever little you can..

The make shift tent provided to the victims I hope its warm enough for the winters.

This girl and her old father are the sole occupants of this house which was recently built with all his savings

An old man volunteers to guard the Lhakang during the night 

This little kid still has nightmares after witnessing his home collapse right before his eyes

These little monks stay in tin roofed make shift camps as the main lhakang is inhabitable

The school boy shows his bed and the adjoining wall with the crack

Its never too late to HELP

PS : the pictures are the property of UNICEF 

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  1. Amazing piece! Bhutan is beautiful with beautiful landscape and people.