Tuesday, December 13, 2011

get the Josh Harnett look

I keep getting mails that there is no tips on men's fashion so lets start with this post . If you are in your late 20ies or 30ies and want to look hip, young and age appropriate I would recommend you dress like Mr Josh Harnett. I have been following his looks for a couple of years now from his hairstyle, clothes to his accessories he gets them right without being too loud and its easy on the eye. I have seldom seen him in prints and his color pallet is usually the standard sober yet striking. So all you hip men out there in the mentioned age group ..... take this piece of advice and get HOT-netted :)

            The basics you need to get the look 



Beanie caps preferably in black n grey 
Fedora hat a must :)

A hoodie is also a MUST

the rest make sure you have classic cut tapered denims , t-shirts and shirt in solid colour with no prints , throw in a jacket and some comfy moccasin , distressed boots and converse . Basically whatever you do make sure the colour is sober sans bold print , if you want a neck stole make sure its plain and slightly crumpled n distressed. There you go you have the Josh Harnett look