Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some welcome sign :P

Feet looks like hands OMG!!

looks like the above dude in Kira LOL

No comments!!

As if the eerie man and woman welcoming us in to the restaurant weren't enough to ruin our appetite there was another painting of a hand strangling the sausage not on the menu list ((@@)) ... entertaining though!! Stuffs as unique as this would never be seen in the OH!! so modernized n "civilized" towns.

PS : The illustrations looks very Tim Burtonish .. dark n eerie , me like, Not the sausage though!!


  1. Gaaahhh! I will see these faces in my nightmares tonight! :(
    I don't like the looks of those sharp fingernails in the photo and I'm not even a guy...

  2. hahahaha manicure highly recommended .... by state order LOL

  3. ha ha.Weird Pix.The Artist needs to be spanked on his

  4. I wonder what the guy who drew that dude looks like? (@@)