Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm going home :P

Going home to Trongsa on the 14th of July for few days, just the though of it brings JOY and childhood memories. Back to a familiar place that i was raised in the sleepy lil Trongsa town.Being the youngest in the family does help, I always get a warm welcome and lots of hugs ^^. 

Home is where the heart is and mine at the end of the day belongs to Trongsa Town overlooking the majestic Dzong.  Eating dinners together, talking to your neighbors through the window , the simple things in life is something i miss in Thimphu.The lack of creative outlet in Thimphu is quite stressful for a person like me. I would rather be a vegetable in a sleepy little town such as mine than be confused in a city ( cant i call it that ) like Thimphu.

I can endure the 8hrs journey over two mountain passes the Dochula and Pelela, pass meadows and valleys, wave at country kids, follow the rivers as my i-pod play my favorite Jack Johnsons and Chris Daughtry. Last but not the least i cant wait to meet my parents and sleep in my very own bedroom surrounded by old stuffs that once belong to me. I wanna be home like NOW.

PS : someone plz remind me to take my sketch book and water colors and my camera ><

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