Saturday, July 2, 2011


A sketch for the fans on Bhutan Street Fashion page on Facebook. Mashed up all the themes that was recommended to me they were totally random but i kinda like them ( Monsoon, Drowning, raincoat, polka) Oh!! so totally mixed matched. 

I have always been fascinated by monk robes, headgear and drapes. Every year when we have our annual puja at home and while i sit on the floor at the alter chanting my prayers facing the monks I am intrigued by their robes, the shirt they wear and the colour maroon has always been enigmatic for me.


  1. getting inspired from things around......i like it....your inspiration from monk's robe...:)

  2. With the smell of fashion, the crowds become exotic and different. I am a girl deprived of those beautiful hips, wishing one day, I will have those same dress to suit me in. Dream on...

    Keep Posting. BSF is always updated!

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  4. Nice one.. you may find this post interesting: