Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dudley O'Shaughnessy Runway's new bad guy :)

Dudley O’Shaughnessy is the lucky guy who won Rihanna’s heart on screen and off. He is the Chris Brown look-alike in her new video for her single, “We Found Love.” Dudley gets down and dirty with the always risqué Rihanna in numerous sex scenes, but he did not mind a bit. Dudley is enjoying his rise to fame as his modeling career continues to soar.

He recently opened up about those wonderful three days of shooting and says, “I loved it. I didn’t want it to end.” The amateur boxer insists, “Not just because it was “a certain person’s” video but just because I love being on set.” His notoriety since the video shoot has skyrocketed, and he is hoping it will translate into a lucrative acting career. He is setting the bar pretty high, “I don’t want to do anything like EastEnders. I want to do film, or proper gritty TV.”

In fact, his aspirations include a villain role, but he does not want to be the kind of villain who always loses. He says, “This time the villain would have to win!” He already has one person he would like to work with in mind, “I’d like to do something with Guy Ritchie.” Aim high, my friend.

For those who are wondering about his and Rihanna’s relationship, Dudley says he is single, and “It’s not that I’m looking for a girlfriend.” However, he points out if one fell in his lap he would not object. He talked a little about Rihanna and how it was working with her on the video. He explains, “I wasn’t starstruck at all … She’s just such a nice girl.” Despite Rihanna’s admitted attraction to her co-star, he says, “We just got along. We were just like mates.” Hmm, so Rihanna must be a mate with benefits.

Rihanna’s superstar status has not gone to her head according to Dudley. His opinion, “She’s such a humble, down-to-earth girl.” The Bajan beauty is a “nice” girl as Dudley explains, “It’s not like just because she’s achieved so much that she thinks her s*** don’t stink.”

The music video that catapulted him to stardom .. he is the new WHO THAT??? 


Country of origin: United Kingdom
Hailing from Canning Town, Dudley has been a boxer since he was nine years old. With his Father, a Pro Boxing trainer, taking over the reins when Dudley was eleven, he has been working his way up through the ranks every since. A regular fixture at West Hams Amateur Boxing Club in Plaistow Dudley shares his gym with boxing greats such as Terry Spinks (Gold at the Olympics), Nigel Ben, Kevin Mitchell and Matthew Marsh. Now twenty one, Dudley had many wins under his belt, with the Senior ABA’s being a highlight, ranking him number one boxer in England in his Welter Weight category. No easy task, especially not for someone who is increasingly in demand as a high fashion model.

A favourite on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, and with clients like Stone Island, Oswald Boateng and Fred Perry, Dudley is a rising star in the world of fashion. His interests don’t stop there, with an acting agent also in tow; Dudley is set for big things, just don’t look for him in a nightclub unless they’re playing Dubstep!

The current star in Rihanna’s new video for ‘We Found Love’ in Fall 2011. (All info from Next London press release).

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