Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rural Inspiration ^^

Mr Kaka's beautiful ancestral home 

On my recent trip to Haa I was welcomed to visit one of our colleague Mr Kaka’s ancestral village home. This truly was an experience, every corner you look around inspired me , everything screamed vintage and old school charm. His house had high ceiling and the kitchen has this mystic charm with the walls covered in black soot.

Chencho, Kencho and Mr Kaka 

What caught my attention was the maroon blanket cape and the warrior gears. Well the photographer/designer in me started getting all antsy and a small impromptu photo session started in the alter room with fellow colleague Kencho Namgyel and Chencho.

warm tea :)

After snooping around the house I discovered some real cool trendy leather saddle bags and I thought they looked pretty runway. A cup of warm tea was followed by  a reluctant good bye,  I still cant get over the bags that I just left behind …… I hope Mr Kaka sells them to me ..

peekaboo sunset all the way to the guest house

The Photo shoot hahahha

What amazing horse saddle bags ... I have never seen something like this 

This could easily be on the DnG mens Runway on any international ramp 

That’s it Folks ^^ 


  1. Wow, the first bag is vintage!
    Loving it!

    Available in handicraft emporiums?

  2. There should be , but most private handicraft shops in Bhutan have Tibetan stuffs from Nepal ... so all the best, if u find one do let us know

  3. well done :) I loved the look and especially the leather saddle bag...I say we have to go on a trip to explore more houses like this in 2012... !!